Dixie Webster-Davis began her career as the owner/founder of Colorado’s first casting company, hiring local actors for regional and national commercials. She soon focused her attention to casting both day players and extras for film and television.

Her unique ability to tap into a director’s vision brought several requests for location casting, expanding to Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas, Montana and Wyoming.

Moving to Los Angeles in 1989, Dixie has continued to grow. She’s cast extras for over 200 feature films in a variety of locations including Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh and Hawaii. She has also hired talent to film on location in and from Argentina, Canada and New Zealand. Her credits include commercials, print, voice over talent, industrial films and television.

When asked what inspires Dixie most about her work she replies, “It’s constantly changing. Everyday we are creating a new world. Sometimes our work can make a difference in how people see the world. Film and television are powerful forms of entertainment and art. I’ve been fortunate in that I have had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented and gifted directors, actors, producers, designers and crew members in both film and television. It’s a wonderful sense of accomplishment to collaborate with a group of respected filmmakers and see the results of your hard work and great effort come to life.”